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5. Problems involving Appearance and Cosmetics of your gums and teeth with skin-grafts, Facings and Teeth Whitening treatments, etc.

Marfil-DenIf there is one thing today that can have an immediate and overall effect on our "self-esteem" it is the downgrading of our "APPEARANCE" through the absence of dental "COSMETICS".

Cosmetics is the magic, almost transcendental, word without which it is not possible to understand our own existence in the times in which we are living. Insofar as the mouth is concerned, COSMETICS has even managed to push such important functions as chewing and talking into second place. An indicative example of what it means to attract attention, in a negative manner, is the sight of teeth in a poor state as well as when they are missing. The partial or total loss of teeth, as well as their transformation, has long been used to scare or frighten in certain horror scenes in films, as well as in picture stories or children's programmes involving monsters, witches and so forth.

Marfil-DenOn the other hand, a pleasant "APPEARANCE" of the mouth is achieved by means of an attractive and straight row of teeth.

In dentistry, specialists are aware of the existence of this need, in response to the social demand that has become increasingly demanding and which makes us feel obliged to seek out and improve new cosmetic processes.

Any dental treatment today is required to comply with the basic requirements of "COSMETICS". Having said this, there are treatments whose "sole purpose" is to enhance the appearance of the mouth and its teeth; these therapies are what constitute "COSMETIC DENTISTRY" in the strictest sense of the term and basically consist of the following:


Porcelain or acrylic FACINGS or OVERLAYS: These are cosmetic fronts that are bonded to the outer surface of the tooth, whereby it may be necessary to remove several fine layers of enamel. We may thus correct changes in the colour and the shape of the teeth. It very similar to the false nails people wear on their fingers.


This technique may be applied to one or more teeth in order to render them even and similar Blanqueamientoto the adjacent teeth on both sides or to a whole set of previous teeth so as to improve the overall appearance. TEETH WHITENING PROCESSES are the least invasive techniques used in COSMETICS as there is no alteration to the natural form of the teeth. The aim of the application of whitening gels is to give the affected set of teeth a lighter colour To have beautiful teeth, it is important that the gums that surround them have a nice shape as well.

The purpose of PERIODONTAL COSMETIC SURGERY, or that involving the mucus membranes, is to correct, reconstruct or replace papillae, tongue areas or the gingival tissue, as well as the gums, it is really a kind of minor surgery, which is quite easy to carry out .Skin-grafts can also be another part of surgery.

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