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2. Problems involving the Gums (Periodontal) that may endanger your teeth

Revisión e HigieneTeeth are organic structures that grow in cavities called alveoli in the maxillary bones.

The attachment of the teeth to the walls of these cavities is not fixed, as if they were cemented, but rather it is elastic, due to the presence of tiny ligaments that emerge from the surface of the root and insert themselves into this bone wall. This means that the tooth is elastically suspended and floats within the alveolus. Under normal circumstances, with no alteration of any kind, this minor mobility of the tooth inside the alveolus is not noticeable either to the eye or by touch.

The sum of elements that constitute the tooth's suspension system (surface of the root, ligaments, alveolar ridge, gums, etc.) is known as the PERIODONTIUM and its study has given rise to a specialism of great significance and importance in modern Dentistry, as is "PERIODONTICS".

There is a wide range of complaints, with their corresponding conditions, in the field of PERIODONTICS but given its importance and frequency we shall only refer to the most common one: "PERIODONTAL ILLNESS" also known as Paradontosis or chronic Periodontitis.

Peridonto Diente sin Sujeción Dientes, raices

PERIODONTAL ILLNESS is an infectious disorder of a chronic-degenerative nature. It is very widespread in modern-day society and affects the arrangement for supporting and holding the teeth (Periodontium), which it "destroys". If the complaint is left untreated and without any form of dental control it can lead to the loss of teeth in a relatively short time.

Amongst the complications and interrelations of PERIODONTAL ILLNESS, mention might be made of the risk of heart attacks, diabetes and rheumatism, etc.


Revisión e HigieneOnce the illness has been diagnosed, it is vitally important to control it by means of regular check-ups by the dental surgeon (odontologist) throughout the entire process. Likewise, it is very important to maintain correct "oral hygiene" applied in a constant and disciplined manner; this dental hygiene should involve the patient in both the removal of the bacterial plaque, which is performed in the clinic, as well as personal responsibility for regular brushing of the teeth.

Likewise, all the indications and guidelines made by the Dentists should be followed to the letter.

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