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4. Problems involving Preservation or Restoration of your teeth with Root canal treatment and Fillings

Caries en dientesThis definition includes a series of treatments that are used in a Dentist's surgery and designed to PRESERVE teeth, restoring them and avoiding their loss through extraction.

One of the more common PRESERVATION treatments involves dental SEALING (Filling).



EmpasteSealants are preventive dental fillings that are applied superficially onto the grooves of the teeth, their aim is to stop caries extending deeper into the teeth and hence prevent their development.

It is widely used when damage has been caused to the teeth by "CARIES" or for the "Sealing of Fissures" and on a preventive basis to stop early forms of tooth decay from developing.

Given that tooth decay is a lesion caused by infection, the dentist's aim is to eliminate it by means of various techniques. The loss of substance caused to the tooth in this way is replaced in the Surgery with different kinds of materials. Standard practice involves the use of materials of the same colour as the tooth (Composite resins) on pieces that are more visible and for cosmetic considerations (incisors and canine teeth); metal materials, of greater resistance, are used on pieces that are further back (molars).


Another common form of PRESERVATION treatment is ENDODONTICS or "Root canal Bruxismotreatment". The purpose of this treatment is to stop the infection caused by the "caries" in its destructive process, and once it has reached the dental pulp (nerve), from spreading through the root canal into the jawbone, with the ensuing complications. "ENDODONTICS" involves more delicate and complex work than with fillings and inevitably becomes necessary in order to save a tooth and avoid its extraction. The preparation of the instruments used in root canal work and the disinfection processes are undertaken by the specialist in a methodical and painstaking manner given that it is process that requires great precision.


Finally, and given its importance, we shall mention RECONSTRUCTIONS. These are Caries lesionando diente"PRESERVATION" processes that cannot be glossed over, as they are part of our daily business. They are performed in response to major dental damage caused by "Traumatic fractures" (blows) or by "Penetrative Caries" that involve major tooth destruction. It is in these treatments that specialists can show off their handiwork skills and artistic sensibilities to the patient's advantage. In fact, they are minor marvels of construction in which materials are used to act as piles, shuttering, moulds and so forth, as if an actual building or sculpture were involved.


BruxismoThere exists a dental lesion caused by abrasion and tooth wear, this is due to an incessant clenching and grinding of the teeth. This condition is called Bruxism, even tooth wear appears on all the teeth. As years go by if this problem is not treated correctly, it may cause complications. Some of the complications caused by Bruxism are, pain in the face muscles, hyper-tooth sensitivity towards anything hot, cold or acidic, lesions in the jaw joint, (in its hinge function) infections in the teeth nerves or loss of teeth.


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