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In the same way that chance plays no part in our work or in our daily business, we are quite sure that it is not simply a matter of good fortune that you have found us.

Just as our underlying purpose at MARFIL-DEN Clinic is to take proper care of your dental problems, your desire to locate us and find out more about us is what lies behind the exchange and contact between us both over this website.

The enjoyment of a HEALTHY MOUTH has almost always been synonymous with overall health, wellbeing and beauty.

The understanding of the need to ensure suitable dental hygiene on the one hand and both clinical and technological advances on the other now make it possible to enjoy a perfect smile.


Marfil-DenAt MARFIL-DEN we still hold the belief that dental care need not necessarily be expensive or cause discomfort, with the quality employed in both materials and services rendered being of the highest calibre. Furthermore, the advantages of our SPECIAL PRICES, will allow you to have healthy teeth and a perfect smile for a long time.

Over the years in which we have been providing our service, numerous patients have placed their trust in our hands.

We wish to thank them as they have contributed to the success and popularity of this clinic.

Finally, we should like to make the most of this website to WELCOME you all, trusting that it will serve as a general guide to our services. Likewise, we provide several items of Advice to bear in mind in the different treatments to be carried out or subsequent to those already performed.

In short: To be of use is one of our underlying concerns.

We therefore hope to cater for all your needs.

It is a multi-disciplinary dental clinic of considerable prestige in Bilbao that wasMarfil-Den ESTABLISHED in the city in 1986. It appeared at a time when the FEES for Dentistry were somewhat high, to a large extent due to the shortage of practitioners, at the same time as the industrial recession, with its hardships and uncertainties, undermined our society. These were VERY SPECIAL times in which our clinic furthermore, and for the first time in Bilbao, managed to cater for each and every one of the dental specialities with their respective TREATMENTS.


The name MARFIL-DEN is a combination that refers on the one hand to a layer of the tooth known as dentine, located immediately beneath the enamel and, on the other, to the ivory (marfil in Spanish) of the enlarged tusks of certain animals (elephant, walrus, etc.) and which captivate through their great beauty.

MARFIL-DEN wished to apply this name as an assurance and guarantee of never disappointing its patients in its therapies. This name would be the driving-force behind our daily commitment. Nature and beauty once again made sure they went hand in hand.


As a team, they are all aware of their responsibility and stress the importance of GOOD ORAL HEALTH on the understanding whereby:

YOUR MOUTH may constitute an excellent Savings Bank, where YOUR TEETH are an excellent investment and we are YOUR ADVISERS. MARFIL-DEN offers only the best.Marfil-Den

Your MOUTH and your TEETH are, in short, a personal asset of incalculable value. By entrusting them to MARFIL-DEN we will ensure the best performance and returns the market can provide. Besides being an essential factor, your trust will serve to urge us on in the care and treatment of such a prized treasure.

You can be entirely sure that you will not be making a mistake by choosing an INVESTMENT of such importance; leave all the rest to us.

We are entirely at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us.

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