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We see to everything… whatever helps to alleviate pain, improbé your dental Elath or your physical appearance and good looks.



1. Diagnosis and Estimate

Marfil-DenYour first appointment with MARFIL-DEN will involve a thorough check-up, with an exploration performed by one of our specialists who will be responsible for carrying out a detailed examination of your mouth. This will lead to an initial "DIAGNOSIS of status".

This will allow for the "on-the-spot" presentation of the different plans of treatment to be undertaken, accompanied by their respective ESTIMATES so that you may choose according to your preferences or to your needs.

Marfil-DenThe "end DIAGNOSIS" or final confirmation will be reached through a subsequent study that is more complete and detailed, once you have chosen one of the possible treatments to be done. For this purpose, the CLINIC is equipped with state-of-the-art x-ray equipment, which will provide us with both an overall and individualised view of your mouth, as well as radiographic perspectives that in certain cases will allow us to prepare Orthodontics studies and, in others, to observe the "exact" position of specific lesions in the bone, in addition to the possible siting of different Impacts.

Planmeca introduction

Planmeca tecnologhy


Analytical and genetic studies in the development of certain illnesses are normally carried out on our patients through samples of saliva; through these tests we can detect the existence of certain pathogenic bacteria that can cause tooth loss. Carrying out other tests on both teeth and gums will help us to confirm our initial diagnosis.

ORIGEN: oral genetics & microbiology

Marfil-DenOn top of all this, there is the team work and the coordination between health specialists and collaborators, who together with cutting-edge data processing systems have made it possible to create a CLINIC that from the start has set out to be ground-breaking, enabling us to apply a flexible and effective management system. An example of this is to see how just a few moments after a patient has been explored, they receive the "DIFFERENT ESTIMATES" for their dental treatment in writing and with all kinds of explanations, at the same time as our reception staff explain the convenient methods of payment our Centre provides.

You may decide upon the choice of the more appropriate treatment (from amongst all those offered by MARFIL-DEN) in your own time at home and under no pressure whatsoever. Should you have any doubts, our staff will always be on hand to provide assistance. If, on the other hand, you are not convinced by any of the options presented by the CLINIC, you are automatically free and released from any king of commitment.

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