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Follow our advine and Benedit from it.
It is just as important as the actual treatment.



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5. Care following a Filling or Root Canal Treatment

SillaIf you have had a filling, try not to chew on the affected area for at least one hour, in order to let the filling set properly.

If you have undergone root canal treatment and feel some discomfort and lengthening of the tooth treated (especially when chewing), do not worry as this is quite normal for the first three or four days. There is no cause for concern. If you are in constant pain that is difficult to bear and swelling in the area, do not hesitate to call us or go to the clinic. Refrain from chewing on the tooth that is being treated until the treatment has finished, to avoid discomfort or possible tooth fracture.

Be especially careful with your toothbrush and avoid hitting the area for the first few days. Brush your teeth carefully and maintain correct dental hygiene.

In addition, strictly follow your dentist's advice by entering your password.

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